Injection Moulding Plastics

H.M.R. produces moulds for different industries. For example the automotive industry but also for the use in blinds, for point-of-sale-displays, for electronic products, for office furniture or for sport and training aids. All those products are produced on German machines made by Arburg or Klöckner with high quality brand material to assure a constant quality. We also produce products for the construction sector that are made of recycled plastic materials.

We are equipped with machines ranging from 35 tons to 160 tons of clamping power and we can produce parts up to approximately 300 gramms. We can also inject around cord or metal according to the customers demands. We can use most types of thermoplastic materials also reinforced types with carbon or glass fibre.

We can also support you in just-in-time logstic and label all delivered products with barcode for a smooth flow of the materials from the manufacturer to the end-user. Our aim is to support you in any possible way to improve your business. From the single part up to the complete assembly to a unit. Please call or e-mail us for further details and informations.